Mindfulness for Professionals

It is difficult to open a business magazine or professional journal these days without seeing an article about mindfulness. These articles tout benefits from increased attention and focus, increased emotional intelligence to reduced health care costs. Major corporations are jumping on the bandwagon, with companies like Apple, Google, Time Warner and Proctor and Gamble (to name only a few) now offer mindfulness training in house to their employees. Companies have found that these programs can reduce burnout and turnover while simultaneously boosting the engagement of their employees.

Chattanooga companies now have access to similar types of mindfulness training for their employees. The Center for Mindful Living has access to the latest findings, the most up to date training methodologies and the best mindfulness instructors in the area. Whether you are seeking a different kind of ‘spa day’ for working on your inner self, or professional development in the areas of communication, interpersonal skills or leadership, we have the people and space to give you a unique and meaningful training experience. Contact the Executive Director at 423-486-1279 for more information.