As a newly minted non-profit in 2013, the Center piloted a mindfulness program with CSLA, a local public magnet school. Although the program was well-received, the Center was an all volunteer effort at that time and did not have the person-power to sustain and grow the program.

Fast forward just a few years and we find that teacher stress is at an all-time high and student stress is on the rise. A mindful classroom can allow both teachers and students to focus their attention, lower their stress and form relationships from a place of greater self-awareness, empathy, understanding, kindness and compassion.

Enter PAUSE – Practices in Awareness and Understanding for Sustaining Educators! This pilot program is being implemented in three Hamilton County Schools in 2018/19. Working with approximately 60 teachers from Hardy, Dupont and Middle Valley Elementary schools, PAUSE will teach scientifically studied practices that shape healthy mental and emotional processes to help reduce teacher burnout, increase pro-social behaviors among students, and build a more positive learning environment so that students can perform at their best.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs reminds us that social and emotional needs are foundational to higher thinking and we believe that PAUSE can make a big difference for public schools. The Center needs your help!  Although it costs the Center $800 per teacher to run the program, we understand that public school teachers do not have the resources to pay. That is why we are asking YOU to donate! Please consider ‘pausing’ something you normally buy – perhaps a weekly latte or lunch out, to donate to PAUSE!

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